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Tree Removal Services in Haines City, FL

Quality Tree Maintenance

Outstanding Tree Service customizes our seasonal maintenance to the needs of your trees and shrubs. With 3 visits a year, this allows us to stay on top of pest and disease issues, and to keep your soil conditioned for healthy tree growth and disease resistance.
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The Arborist

Meeting with our arborist is the most essential part of the process. His focus will be to diagnose the current state of your trees and the soil around the roots. He designs the seasonal maintenance plan that will transform your landscaping. His passion is your trees and he is sure to keep you engaged in the process of achieving your tree health goals.

The Root Feedings

Based on the arborist's recommendations, root feedings can be necessary. To get your trees to optimal health, the roots and soil need to be fed the right supplements. Essential micro-organisms and bacteria are injected into the root zone at the start of every season to build disease and pest resistance, great foliage and wood density.
Tree Pruning, Removal and Stump Grinding

Tree pruning will get your trees in optimal health, shaping the growth and direction of your trees will minimize future hazards. Our tree technicians strategically shape your trees according to their species, proximity to your home or your neighbors. Seasonal pruning helps to keep overgrown foliage under control.

Tree and Stump Removal Services

Diseased and hazardous trees can be a headache if you try and tackle it on your own. Save time and money when you let the tree removal specialists at Outstanding Tree Service take care of the heavy lifting, precision cutting and diagnosing of your damaged tree. We are equipped to handle jobs of all sizes. We use the latest in stump removal techniques to leave your yard as if the tree was never there.
Why Remove Trees?

Trees get diseases from natural and human-generated causes. Between bugs, climate, and the natural order of things with some tree types and species, it happens. If your tree is showing physical signs of disease or death in certain areas, contact the certified arborists at Outstanding Tree Service. If they deem that the tree cannot recover from the disease, infestation or is already dead, our experienced tree removal experts remove it so that the disease doesn't spread.

Stump Removal

Once the tree is gone; you're left with the stump. Depending on placement, you can decide to leave it as décor, or you can opt to have it removed so that yard pests like termites can't colonize it. We will grind the stump down to the roots in order to remove it from your yard.
Quality Tree Trimming and Pruning

The state of the trees on your residential or commercial property speaks to the way you treat guests, family or clients. Tree care is the cherry on top of great landscaping. When you want quality tree maintenance services, you call Outstanding Tree Service. We have many years of experience in working with the trees of Haines City, FL. As certified arborists, we have the knowledge to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Tree trimming and Pruning

Over pruning can lead to illness or attraction of pests, and skimpy trees. Don't trust your business' maintenance staff to prune trees. Hire the professionals at Outstanding Tree Service. If you manage commercial or residential properties, make sure your listings are picture perfect with regular tree maintenance.
Reliable Emergency Tree Services

Felled trees after storms can be a safety hazard and an obstruction to progress. Our professional tree surgeons come in and remove debris and do our best to save trees or to safely remove them.

Why Hire Certified Tree Professionals

We are not just guys with chainsaws. We are a team of certified arborists and experienced foresters, technicians, and urban planners. We can help you design your landscape to reduce risks of trees impacting your home. Contact us for an estimate today.